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The Lung Association offers in-depth online smoking and tobacco resources.

Quit now

A FREE online service available 24/7 for all British Columbians who want to quit smoking for good.QuitNow

QuitNow Services

QuitNow Services provides a suite of smoking cessation services FREE-of-charge to all British Columbians.

Call QuitNow by Phone or join our QuitNow Online community to access useful resources, expert advice and quitting strategies to help you become tobacco-free.

Whether you're considering quitting, or have made the decision to quit, you’ve come to the right place. QuitNow Services are available around the clock to help you plan your quit and deal with the cravings.

We know that quitting smoking isn’t easy, but with the right tools & quitting advice, you will succeed.

QuitNow Services are operated by the BC Lung Association and funded by the BC Ministry of Health Services.


Under QuitNow British Columbians have access to the following:

QuitNow Online

An Internet-based quit smoking service, available FREE-of-charge to all British Columbia residents, that combines effective methods for quitting smoking with a powerful individualized program that is available anytime and anyplace.   Plus users have access to a global online community designed to help members help each other quit smoking... for good!

QuitNow By Phone


A confidential, FREE-of-charge helpline, QuitNow By Phone is available 24/7 and staffed by specially trained Care Coaches who will help you develop a quit plan, deal with cravings, and provide on-going support through your quit process.

QuitNow By TXT

A 14-week FREE-of-charge mobile texting service for BC residents, QuitNow By TXT delivers helpful quit smoking tips and motivational support straight to users' cell phones!

Quit Tools & Resources

A library of tools, tips and resources, designed to help those thinking, planning or starting to quit and and remain tobacco-free.

Quit Stories

Hear from British Columbians who have struggled but survived the quit process. Watch their videos and read their quit stories to learn how they have successfully quit smoking; maybe even share a story of your own.

For BC Healthcare Providers


Fax Referral Program

A fax referral program designed to make it easy for health care providers to refer their patient or clients to QuitNow By Phone for assistance to quit smoking.




A library of resources available free-of-charge to all BC healthcare providers. Explore our easy online order system.

QuitNow Video Gallery

A gallery of short, informative videos made with BC Healthcare Professionals to demonstrate how easy it is to address tobacco use with patients/clients.


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