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RUSH: Race & Urban Scavenger Hunt

Saturday, July 11th, 2015

Action? Check. Adventure? Check. Awesome? You better believe that’s a check.

RUSH delivers it all – Hit the streets of Metro Vancouver on Saturday, July 11th, find out what you’re made of while competing for the chance to win a trip around the world for two. Challenge accepted? Register for RUSH 2015 today.

Space is limited, so register today! For more info and to register, visit

T: 604.731.5864

RUSH: Race and Urban Scavenger Hunt is a fundraiser for the BC Lung Association. All event proceeds support vital lung health and air quality research, education & advocacy.

RUSH 2014 Photo Galleries

We've got plenty more photos to come, but here are some RUSH 2014 photos to get you started!

RUSH 2014 Start/Finish Line:

Katrina van Bylandt

Judy Parker

Agnes Pics

Jorge Posada

Start Line Photos by Ben Samson

Finish Line Photos by Ben Samson

Brian Shaler

RUSH 2014 Checkpoints:

Fish Out of Water: Jorge Posada | Ben Samson | Brian Shaler

Hear Me Roar: Agnes Pics | Jorge Posada | Brian Shaler

Keep It Wheel: Jorge Posada

RUSHian RAP-SODY: Jorge Posada

Stroke of Genius: Judy Parker | Agnes Pics | Ben Samson

Sync or Swim: Judy Parker | Agnes Pics | Ben Samson

Take the Lead: Judy Parker

Turn A Blind Eye: Judy Parker

Urban Jungle: Agnes Pics | Jorge Posada | Brian Shaler

Where In the World: Judy Parker

Wild Wild West: Ben Samson | Brian Shaler


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RUSH 2014 Team Rankings

Here are the official RUSH 2014 Team Rankings! See how you (or that team next to you) did!

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