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RUSH: Race & Urban Scavenger Hunt

Saturday, July 11th, 2015

Action? Check. Adventure? Check. Awesome? You better believe that’s a check.

With 270 participants, and just shy of $75,000 raised for lung health, RUSH 2015 was a huge success! Thank you to all the volunteers, sponsors, and RUSHers who pushed themselves to the limits all in support of the 1 in 5 British Columbians with lung disease.

A huge congratulations to our winning team, Love You LUNG Time, Kassia Skolsky and Darren Mackay, who made it through all 10 checkpoints and back across the finish line in an impressive 3 hours and 21 minutes!

T: 604.731.5864

RUSH: Race and Urban Scavenger Hunt is a fundraiser for the BC Lung Association. All event proceeds support vital lung health and air quality research, education & advocacy.

RUSH 2015 Photo Galleries

Check out some awesome RUSH 2015 photos, thanks to our amazing photographers!

Photos by Jorge Posada

    Start Line


    Finish Line / After party

Photos by Nate Waghorn

    Start Line / Checkpoints/ Finish Line

Photos by Brian Shaler

    Start Line / Checkpoints

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RUSH 2015 Team Rankings

Here are the official RUSH 2015 Team Rankings! See how you (or that team next to you) did!

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