Making a Difference: Air Quality and Your Health
Riding on Air
Mould in Your Home: Causes, Prevention and Clean-up
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BC State of the Air Report 2006

Air quality may be good compared to many areas in North America but existing pollution levels are nevertheless a health concern to British Columbians. Read the report.

Air quality in your home

The air in your home could be a hazard to your health. Take the room-by-room tour on Ontario Lung Association's YourHealthyHome website.

Clean Air Videos

Clean air is an important concern provincially and nationally. Demand for educational resources is such that a wealth of audio visual materials has become available. In addition to watching Making a Difference: Air Quality and Your Health, which the BC Lung Association produced in collaboration with other interested organizations, be sure to take a look at the other videos from around the country - featured here with permission from the producers.

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