BC State of the Air Report 2006

Air quality may be good compared to many areas in North America but existing pollution levels are nevertheless a health concern to British Columbians. Read the report.

Air quality in your home

The air in your home could be a hazard to your health. Take the room-by-room tour on Ontario Lung Association's YourHealthyHome website.


Air Quality & Health Steering Committee

The BC Lung Association’s Air Quality and Health Committee is a multi-agency committee comprising representatives of the Ministry of Environment, Environment Canada, Health Canada, the Ministry of Health, the Greater Vancouver Regional District, the Fraser Valley Regional District, the B.C. Centre for Disease Control and the Puget Sound Clean Air Agency.

The Committee was formed to promote an understanding of the effects or air pollution on health, the environment and the economy.

Through research, education and public awareness campaigns, the Committee aims to develop tools and inform policies that will reduce the impact of air pollution on human health, ecosystems and visibility in BC.

Clean Air Network

Over 20 locally based air quality groups exist throughout British Columbia. These groups range from groups of interested community members to formal airshed planning committees, and locally-established non-governmental organizations to government organizations. Each group's available resources (time, finances, staff, volunteers, etc.) vary, but every group works with the common goal of addressing local air quality.

The BC Lung Association serves as a resource to the various air quality groups around the province. In the interest of allowing for a greater collaboration of ideas and sharing of resources amongst these air quality groups, the BC Lung Association (based on requests from air quality groups) initiated the formation of a 'network' concept.

Through funding received from the BC Ministry of Environment, the BC Lung Association is now in the stages of implementing this network.


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